Sugar candy
Mondo Mio e.V, Dortmund, 2016
Parallel Processes is a happening, an improvised play with direct access to the audience. The
cotton candy is used as the main material. The performance is played with the creation and destruction of cotton candy as an ongoing process, so that parallel processes arise. The cotton wool is known to us from recreation parks, but is often associated with clouds. These connections are used for the visual part of the performance. Ultimately, I create a space between dreams and reality in order to pay more attention to the museum. The concept is based on the following considerations:
-When was an art object developed?
– When is an object valuable or special?
– When is it destroyed and when new?
The result of these considerations in the context of the perf
ormance is the candy floss: an
object that leaves the visitor the subjective and personal ch
oice, interacting with it, changing
it, or just keeping it as it is … Or like Josef Beuys has
said: “Everyone is an artist”.