Dictator is no longer listening to music

Gypsum bas relief of Stalin, X-ray image, headphones, mp3 player
Arosita gallery, Sofia Design Week, 2013
Dictator is no longer listening to music is interactive installation in which a visitor can listen the playing song instead of Stalin. It is a love song, the favorite one of Joseph Stalin(the Man of Steel). The song is named Suliko which is a georgian female and male name meaning “soul”. The meaning of the song is at odds with dictator actions.
“Leader of steel has always been out of a sense of mercy
and compassion. Countless shot and interned by his own people for it are figures of cold
statistics. Victims exceed 20-25 million. For Suliko , somehow created the song – a favorite of the dictator. When he listen to it, his iron soul breaks.
Listening alone. Always alone. Heavy tears crawled to his steel face. Maybe in that startling name in the history is stored particle of humanity.”
Slava Sevryukova – bulgarian clairvoyant