Do not disturb

Privacy is the ability of an individual to seclude himself. Every person has its own physical and mental reality. A reality which ca be view as a state of autonomy, as an awareness of one’s capacity to control the boundary between self and other. In general, one cannot have a reasonable expectations of privacy in things held to the public. The lack of privacy in the public was an interesting challenge for me. How can an individual reach a state of privacy into public space? With this question in mind, I started investigating the human behavior into public spaces of different kind. Places such as the train, the bus stop and the elevator.

After documenting various situations I could analyze them with the idea to understand the people outside the private zone. When do the people stay away from each other? What makes one to keep a distance and how one successfully shut off in public spaces?

In conclusion of my research, I notices that people shut off often in the public spaces. They try to avoid each other by minimizing the basic senses of hearing, seeing and smelling.