Second life in light

Metal mesh, textile, X-ray images
Moonboom artist collective
Campus Heimtextil, Frankfurt, 2013
Art Gallery Vladimir Dimitrov – The Master, Kustendil, 2013
The project consists of design objects – lamps constructed from ready – made elements, including textiles from used clothing and x-ray images. The project represents an alternative geared towards the reuse of old and otherwise unusable textiles, as a counterpoint to ceaseless industrial mass production. We believe that all possible solutions already exist in our surroundings, and the role of the designer is largely to rediscover and apply these solutions. The designer’s role is to find beauty not in the superficial outer layer – that is, not in, for instance, clothing (a social indicator), age, race or gender. Rather, it is to find beauty with an understanding of our fundamental sameness and singularity as human beings. The x-ray images
interwoven in our installation symbolise precisely this idea. We believe that re-utilisation of the countless objects constituting the material world is a vital step towards ensuring the success of contemporary ambitions in live in an increasingly self-sustaining and stable system. Our work is part of the context of the “
crisis” – social, financial, and emotional – and is enriched by the avant-garde, from Dada to the Neo-conceptualism.