Tomi Vienne

Old chair, mirror, led lights, acrilyc paint
Art Alley gallery, Sofia, 2012
Photography by Vladi Baddy
Thrown to garbage Viennese bentwood chair from the mid of 20th
century. Thonet wanted to produce the first mass-manufactured chair, which would be sold at an affordable price (three florins, slightly less than a bottle of wine). Brahms sat on one to play his piano, as did Lenin while writing his political tracts, and millions of us have perched comfortably on them in cafés. Originally chair is disassembled and then assembled following the position for the supply of Thonet chairs. Added mirror and LED lighting in the seat and the back is turned into a shelf. LEDs are placed around the edge of the mirror giving depth to the light rays in the mirror. Is this what you see in the mirror your past, your future or your present You?