Zoometry Performance

Acrylic paint
Streetart-Mauerproject km Nordstadt, Dortmund, 2015
Inspired of the „Anthropometry Performance“ (1960) by Yves Klein, in which he used blue paint and human bodies, the concept of the wall is created around the topic of the urban jungle. Zoometry(from Greek „ζώο“/”animal” and metron „ʅέτροʆ“/”measure”) refers to the measurement of the zoological individual.
It is an artwork, concerned about the more time we spend in the aggressive city environment and especially for the kids. The stuffed animals, from our childhood, are an object, which will be used to visualize and materialize  the idea as a paintbrush. For the project will use acrylic paints and different on shape and size toys which will be rolled in a paint and then their prints will be placed on the wall. The stuffed animal body prints are expressive ones, they are between the figurative and the abstract art.

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