The focus of the exhibition DO NOT PANIC lies on two spatial stagings in the format of installations which illustrate the cultural-structural changes through the Ruhr region from the beginning of industrialization to modern times.

The first installation was created in October 2017 in cooperation with the DIY store Hornbach and has the title Verlust an Genauigkeit. Thematically it concerns the coloring as well as the demolition of an generation-spanning blacksmith’s workshop.

The second installation, entitled Transzendenter Supranaturalismus, features a virtual performance that takes place on the site of the former Hoesch Provincial Office and was already on display at the Favoriten Festival Dortmund 2018.

The digital age reveals new ways to present and experience cultural content through a variety of technologies. In this context, the aim of the research within the project DO NOT PANIC is to create hybrid spatial installations that offer the visitors a sensory, interactive experience.

However, such hybrid spatial installations never define only physical and digital objects that coexist and interact in real time: concept, context and a curative approach, in terms of spatial dramaturgy, play an equally important role in this format.